Listing of Historic Defence Sites and Pillboxes

[Valletta, 14 March 2024] – Battlefront Malta, a local NGO dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the significance and interpretation of military history in Malta, is working with the “Superintendence of Cultural Heritage” to comprehensively document WW2 sites. Together, they aim to preserve Malta’s wartime anti-invasion defensive positions, informally known as ‘pillboxes’. 

Battlefront Malta is eager to share the culmination of years of our efforts with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to have these sites listed. Through the dedication of members and volunteers, the organisation meticulously gathered valuable data through fieldwork and geospatial analysis that will contribute to the preservation and recognition of the last type of fortifications built in Malta.

Beachpost in Marsaxlokk tha thas been heavily erorded
MG tables of an early pillbox in Marsaxlokk.

Detailed descriptions and photographs of beach posts and other defence positions have been presented to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage for inclusion in the National Inventory.

The technical data transfer from Battlefront Malta to the Superintendence inaugurates a new era for the conservation of Malta’s WW2 defences. This collaboration will make the data available to the public through the Superintendence GIS Interface and Battlefront Malta website in the coming months. The availability of this information will facilitate the regulation and protection of these sensitive sites, further enabling their long-term legal preservation. Additionally, supporting and promoting new research on this layer of Malta’s defence.