Malta, Leros, Oflag: A Wartime Log by Lieut. C.J.H. Morgan

Malta, Leros, Oflag is Lieutenant C.J.H. Morgan’s personal war time log. With a foreword by Anthony Rogers and added sources (including maps) from the battalion war diaries of the 4th Buffs, it is the best in-depth account on the experience of the Royal East Kent Regiment in Malta, Leros, and more. 

In late 1940 the 4th Battalion of the Royal East Kent Regiment disembarked in Malta. They would endure two and a half years of aerial bombardment before being sent to fight in the Aegean. Hundreds of men escaped from or perished on Leros, alongside the King’s Own, Queen’s Own Royal West Kents, and the Royal Irish Fusiliers, who had all previously also served on Malta. The Battalion itself would be disbanded the following year, as those spared from the battle shivered and starved in prisoner-of-war camps deep inside the Reich. Although a contentious British defeat, the Dodecanese campaign is an often overlooked chapter of the Second World War. This book further contributes to the reversal of this trend as Lieut. Morgan’s wartime account takes the reader through the Battalion’s journey in the Mediterranean, Combat on Leros, and Officer’s POW camps. d.

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