Il-Wasla tal-George Cross fil-Marsa

George Cross Marsa event 2022

On the 16th of October, Battlefront Living History Group will be organizing a series of events to commemorate and explore the award of the George Cross to Malta in 1942. The official ceremony held in Valletta in September 80 years ago will not be the main focus. Rather, the events will focus on the George Cross’ forgotten afterlife when it toured every town and village for the people of Malta to witness up close.

The public attending will have a unique opportunity to be part of the Exhibition of the George Cross in Marsa, in the same location as it did in 1942. This interactive reenactment in the Marsa Main Square, will feature a cheerful atmosphere with music and an authentic setting which should entice the entire family.

Apart from re-enactments and mounted guard with the George Cross, the public will be able to see in person various artefacts from local private collections never before exhibited in public. Under the title ‘Was it worth it?’, attendees will be able to visit our exhibition and experience the second world war from new perspectives. Other activities include:

  • Original Military vehicles convoys
  • Static military vehicles
  • Opening of ww2 shelter
  • Historical tours on around Marsa

All events will take place throughout the day in Marsa on the 16th of October 2022

Il-Wasla tal-George Cross fil-Marsa‘ is being organised by Marsa Local Council together with Battlefront Living History Group.