Il-Wasla tal-George Cross fil-Marsa

George Cross Marsa event 2022

On the 16th of October 2022, Battlefront Living History Group will be organizing a series of events to commemorate and explore the award of the George Cross to Malta in 1942. The official ceremony held in Valletta in September 80 years ago will not be the main focus. Rather, the events will focus on the George Cross’ forgotten afterlife when it toured every town and village for the people of Malta to witness up close.

The public attending will have a unique opportunity to be part of the Exhibition of the George Cross in Marsa, in the same location as its visit in 1942. This interactive re-enactment in the Marsa Holy Trinity Square, will feature a cheerful atmosphere with music and an authentic setting to entice the entire family.

Apart from re-enactments and mounted guard with the George Cross, the public will be able to see in person various artefacts from local private collections never before exhibited in public. Under the title ‘Was it worth it?’, attendees will be able to visit our exhibition and experience the second world war from new perspectives. Other activities throughout the day will include:

  • Original Military vehicles convoys and static displays;
  • Maltese and British Re-enactors performing scenes from wartime Malta;
  • Traditional Maltese games for kids;
  • A debate on the wartime experience with the participation of the public;
  • Historical tours onboard vintage buses around Marsa;
  • Firing demonstrations of various ww2 firearms.

All activities will take place throughout the day, free of charge, in Marsa on the 16th of October 2022.

Il-Wasla tal-George Cross fil-Marsa‘ is being organised by Marsa Local Council together with Battlefront Living History Group,
with the support of the Ministry For The National Heritage, The Arts And The Local Government, Malta Tourism Authority and with the participation of Marsa Historical and Cultural Group, Soċjeta’ Mużikali Trinita’ Qaddisa Marsa, Maria Regina Socjeta’ Muzikali Marsa, the Marsa Scouts Pipes and Drums and the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors and Shooters.

Participate in the George Cross public exhibition reconstruction 

The George Cross awarded to the people of Malta was toured around the island right after the official presentation. Marsa was no exception. The preparations on the day for welcoming the medal and the citation from the King were made by local organisations of the village or the district. But a common sight on many occasions was the presence of a police or military marching band, police officers performing sentry duties and distinguished guests, military officers and local leaders of local organisations.

For our 2022 reconstruction in Marsa, we welcome the participation of the “Soċjeta’ Mużikali Trinita’ Qaddisa Marsa” and “Maria Regina Socjeta’ Muzikali Marsa” that will liven the streets in preparation for the arrival of the George Cross;  The Marsa Scouts Pipes & Drums will lead the way for the guards and the award.

However, as ceremonious and festive as the scene will be, with the street decorations and patriotic music, the main focal point is the opportunity where the public will have to see the George Cross awarded to their forefathers in the same arrangement as it happened 80 years ago. 

It’s as if a window back in time has opened where the public can step in and re-live, but with a modern twist.

The full programme of events

Here is the up-to-date list of activities that one can expect on Sunday 16th October:

9am: The opening of the Commemorative exhibition titled “Was it worth it?” at the Marsa Local Council premises. The exhibition will remain open till 6pm.

10-11.30am: A Royal Engineers Malta Bomb Disposal re-enactment and a static outdoor exhibition of military vehicles near Maria Regina parish church. The convoy of military vehicles will depart from the area and move to Marsa Cross road near Holy Trinity church, where the public will be able to view them.

11.30am-12.30pm: A debate on the wartime experience with the participation of the public and organised by the Marsa Historical and Cultural Group.

1-1.45pm: Heritage trail. This includes an explanatory tour around the historical sites of Marsa through the use of vintage buses.

2-2.45pm: Heritage trail

3-3.45pm: Heritage trail

3.45pm-4.20pm: Bands Playing

4.30-4.45pm: Re-enactment of the presentation of the George Cross in Marsa as in 1942.

4.45-5.45pm: Exposition of the George Cross medal for public viewing.

5.15-6pm: Heritage trail.

Firing demonstrations, military vehicle exhibition and free kids traditional games will be available between 12.30pm and 3pm in Holy Trinity Square.