Operation Husky 1943-2023 – in the footsteps of 231 Brigade

Battlefront Malta is excited to commemorate the 80th year anniversary of Operation Husky, the pivotal World War II military campaign that bridged the success of the Allies in North Africa into mainland Europe.

To honour this milestone, we planned a unique event across Sicily: a historic convoy that will trace the journey taken by British troops, including the renowned 231 (Malta) Brigade, between the 6th and 10th of July 2023.

Retracing the Steps of Operation Husky 

Operation Husky was a critical juncture in World War II, which opened the first front in mainland Europe by the Western allies, altering the tide of the conflict. In homage to the bravery and sacrifices of our ancestors, we’ve organised a convoy of three authentic World War II vehicles. They’ll follow the path taken by the British forces during the invasion of Sicily in 1943.

The Commemorative Convoy

Our convoy comprises three meticulously restored World War II vehicles: an AEC Matador, a Standard Utility, and a Standard 9. Thirteen reenactors embodied the spirit of the past, donning period uniforms, and climbing aboard these vintage vehicles.

The AEC Matador – The Centrepiece

Our fresh addition to our latest vehicles at our disposal is an AEC Matador, which our members have been working on the mechanical aspects and also has been diligently restored and coated in an ochre hue, specifically for this commemorative event, before developing this livery further. The Matador’s historical significance during Operation Husky as a 4×4 truck and medium artillery tractor is obvious, and our refurbished version replicates its original appearance, taking us back to 1943.

Alongside the Matador, the Standard Utility and the Standard 9 took part in this historic journey, driven by our collectors.


Visiting Historic Locations and meeting fellow reenactors

231st (Malta) Brigade ensign as a graffiti in Regabulto, Sicily, (Historica XX Secolo Sezione Sud)

Our convoy is more than a mere road trip; it’s a journey through history. Along the way, we made stops at key locations that were significant during the events of 1943. Each location, marked by battles or crucial events during the invasion of Sicily, will offer a moment of reflection on its historical importance. 

These stops serve as poignant reminders of the hardships and victories of the British, Canadian, and American troops against the German and Italian forces during the historic invasion of Sicily of 1943. The British and Canadian divisions, although they had a shorter approach towards Messina, the trip were characterised by very hilly terrain and several river crossings – only such a trip can give us better context into the dynamics of the battles fought. And what better way to do this than with amongst friends and colleagues of other.

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While we traverse the historical route, we invite you to follow our journey through daily updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Through our posts, you can be a part of this extraordinary commemorative event from wherever you are. We aim to educate and inspire by bringing history to life and honoring the valor of those who fought during Operation Husky. By sharing our updates, you will significantly contribute to our mission of promoting history education.

Malta served as the key launching pad and coordination centre for Operation Husky. Join us virtually as we step back in time, retrace the route of Operation Husky Malta 1943, and pay homage to the courage and determination of the heroes who shaped the course of our history.

This event is sponsored by Visit Malta