Sabaton Movie – History Rocks

Swedish heavy metal ensemble Sabaton is taking a melodious journey through time with their “History Rocks” initiative. Teaming up with Yarnhub Animation Studios, Sabaton unveils “The War To End All Wars – The Movie,” an animated portrayal of World War 1 narratives aligning with their latest album. 

This initiative, reaching out to Malta thanks to Battlefront Malta, aims to entice audiences into museums, offering a melodious narrative of history. With the Sabaton Movie Malta premiere, history enthusiasts are in for an engaging cinematic experience, diving into the riveting tales of the Great War as depicted in the Sabaton “War to End All Wars” movie.

Sabaton’s “War to End All Wars” movie premiere in Malta is a unique cinematic experience that takes the audience on a captivating journey through the tumultuous trenches of the Great War. The 67-minute musical motion picture, “The War To End All Wars – The Movie,” is a heartfelt tribute to the brave soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives in World War 1.

The premier of this movie is part of the “History Rocks” initiative, which aims to make history more engaging and accessible to the public. The film will be shown in museums all around the world on Armistice Day, with a unique screening in Malta on Friday 10th November 2023 at 8pm

As the reels roll, the audience will be transported back in time to the horrific realities of the Great War. The Sabaton “War to End All Wars” movie captures the essence of the war through its emotional and melodious narrative, bringing to life the heroic and tragic stories of the soldiers who fought on the front lines.

The premiere in Malta promises to be a unique experience for the audience, as they will be able to immerse themselves in the grim yet inspiring tales of the Great War. The Sabaton “War to End All Wars” movie is a must-see for anyone interested in history, music, and the human condition.

A Double Feature Premiere: Merkur

Battlefront Malta is proud to present its own short film “Merkur” for the first time to the public, alongside the premiere of Sabaton movie. This film is a result of the group’s initiative and takes the audience to a crucial juncture of the Mediterranean conflict during World War 2 – the Axis invasion of the island of Crete. “Merkur” augments the historical narrative and offers a broader scope of the war’s impact on the region, enriching both the cinematic experience and the historical discourse. This event is much-awaited by the history aficionados, as it promises to be a double feature that will undoubtedly enhance their understanding of the historical events.