Filming Experience


Battlefront was responsible for professional extras complete with British military uniforms and related equipment, namely KOMR soldiers, Malta Police Force, Military Police, Royal Airforce, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy, and Royal Engineers. The group also advised, sourced, and provided a large variety of vehicles from period-accurate bicycles to motorcycles and Austin Utilities.


MERKUR is Battlefront’s original production depicting the Battle of Crete in 1941. ‘Operation Mercury’ is at the heart of Battlefront’s reenactment for both our German and British sections. The film was produced and features students and upcoming figures in the local film industry as a way of promoting Maltese talent.

Ittri ghal Erika – Short-Listed Best Documentary by Malta Film Awards

This was a local production depicting the reality of war and its human cost through the uncommon German perspective. Battlefront members took on lead roles as Luftwaffe Pilot, groundcrew, and Wehrmacht soldiers on the Eastern Front.

War Sailor

The group sourced, delivered, and provided period-accurate bicycles and motorcycles for the production.

Mellieha Pantomime

Battlefront living history group provided extras in full British uniform and related kit. This production was a local teledrama focusing on a particular soldier’s traumatic experience during the second world war.

Carmelo – The Movie

Battlefront provided Malta Police Force officers in their second world war service uniform.

Maltin Internati fl-Italia

Battlefront Living History Group provided actors in full uniform and equipment as Wehrmacht soldiers and Maltese prisoners in Italy during the second world war.

Behind the Scenes